Helping You Manage Your Debts

We can help you begin to get your life in order by supporting you and advising on; 
how to keep debt collectors away from their door, prioritising debts, negotiating payments 
and helping you avoid court action.

All our advice & information is free and confidential

How Can We Help?

It is not a crime just to owe money; it is never too late to tackle your debts. Lots of people solve their problems by using our self–help pack.

A self-help pack is available from the Centre, so that you can begin to make some sense of what you owe, and begin to prioritise payments.

Drop-in sessions are run at the Centre, where you can get initial advice and a plan of action can be agreed.

Self-Help Pack

You can download our free self-help pack which has helped lots of people solve their debt problems

Debt Management Basics

There are few basic rules that can help:

First Things First...

Tackle your priority debts first- those debts which mean you can lose your home, or have your electricity or gas cut off.

Contact your council as soon as you begin to experience issues paying your Council Tax.  Make them aware of your situation and try to negotiate a payment plan with them.

Our experienced Debt Support Worker can go through your debts with you and offer repayment terms to your creditors.

Free debt counselling, debt adjusting and providing information on credit services is also available from the Money Advice Service; more infromation is available on their website here

Ring us or call in if anything is unclear and you need assistance.

Write It Down

Write down your income and expenditure; work out what you can afford to offer.

Keep Track

Always attend court hearings and return court papers

Don't Borrow More

Don’t borrow money to clear debts

We're Here to Help

We can help you with forms and letters.

Drop-in Sessions

Drop into the Centre on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 9am - 11.30am for initial advice
on managing your debts.  You can also ring us on 0161 789 2999 to book an afternoon appointment.