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Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre (SUCRC) was formed by 
the local community in 1980. This was a time of economic recession when there 
was a desperate need for self-help, information and advice on dealing with unemployment.
That need still exists and SUCRC has stayed true to its original vision.


What We Do 

SUCRC offers a range of support services for our community to combat poverty. We are inclusive and will always support those in need.

We offer educational facilities, advice and legal representation. The Closing The Gap Project assists people with debt management, benefits information, basic literacy, numeracy skills and IT, confidence building, healthy living and CV writing.

We also run Salford Prison Project which supports ex-offenders. We offer a free breakfast to those on low income or claiming benefits, ex offenders or homeless.

About Salford

Salford is an area of acute economic deprivation; it has 47 super output areas in the 10% most deprived in the country.

Unemployment is very high (9.6% compared with 7.7% average across the UK). 9 wards – over 40,000 households - are in the highest septile ranking for financial exclusion and a further 10 wards are in the next two: this means they score highly on indicators such as low income, outstanding borrowings, proportion of income spent on household fuel and access to affordable credit.

Almost 60% of children in Salford live in poverty (Salford Council 2010 “Ending Child Poverty in Salford”). Many people in Salford lack qualifications, work experience and self confidence which makes it harder to find employment, especially during the recession.

What We Offer The People of Salford

SUCRC offers practical solutions to the issues local people face, for example through advice on benefits, links to credit unions and informal education sessions including community based workshops on subjects such as CV writing, English as a second language and confidence building.

This helps tackle isolation and build community cohesion as we well as benefiting individuals and their families. We are embedded within our community and trusted by local people; we have been referred to as “the fourth emergency service”.

Our holistic, people centred approach emphasising mutual aid, personal empowerment and practical action is key to our success. In the past 4 years we have advised and supported around 25,000 people within Salford  through face to face and telephone advice and support and distribution of literature.

We have been referred to as the "fourth emergency service"

SUCRC offers practical solutions to the issues local people face; such as advice on benefits, links to credit unions, managing debt, and informal education sessions. We offer  community based workshops on subjects such as CV writing, English as a second language and confidence building.

Who We Work With

We work in collaboration with a range of organisations that share our aim to support our community. These include statutory and voluntary organisations.

This partnership approach is vital as it means we avoid duplicating existing work and our clients can access the fullest possible range of support as we all complement and collaborate with each other rather than compete.

We are democratically organised and accountable to our members through our management committee. As well as our dedicated staff team, SUCRC relies on volunteers from within our community. Our Volunteers Charter ensures they are treated fairly.

What People Say About Our Work

SUCRC has been a beacon of our community for many years…it’s a one stop shop for advice, welfare and a host of other services. Many of the council's services refer clients to SUCRC…In these times of austerity their work has never been more important

Councillor Merry, leader of Salford City Council

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Management Committee Minutes
December 2016 Minutes
January 2017 Minutes

Drop-in Sessions

We run drop-in sessions for Welfare Benefits  on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday  from 9am - 11.30am,
where you can get free, confidential advice.

Our Services

Here's what we do at Salford Unemployed & Community Resource Centre

Employment Law

Thousands of dismissed and victimised workers have been represented in the workplace and at tribunals by the SUCRC staff, and thousands of pounds compensation has been won back for those clients.

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Welfare Benefit Advice

The Centre recognises the complicated Welfare Benefits System, and has a designated worker and trained volunteers who provide a range of information, guidance and advice on all aspects of benefits, appeals and sanctions.

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Debt Management

Unfortunately, debt has become a common issue that is dealt with on a day to day basis by the staff and volunteers at the Centre. We have been able to assist thousands of people begin to get their life back in order.

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Education and Training

Each of us is unique in the way we experience life, gather information, learn and respond to events. We recognize this at the Centre and we help adult learners to better understand their personality styles and learning styles.

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