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Here's what we do at Salford Unemployed & Community Resource Centre

Employment Law

Thousands of dismissed and victimised workers have been represented in the workplace and at tribunals by the SUCRC staff, and thousands of pounds compensation has been won back for those clients.

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Welfare Benefit Advice

The Centre recognises the complicated Welfare Benefits System, and has a designated worker and trained volunteers who provide a range of information, guidance and advice on all aspects of benefits.

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Debt Management

Unfortunately, debt has become a common issue that is dealt with on a day to day basis by the staff and volunteers at the Centre. We have been able to assist thousands of people begin to get their life back in order.

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Education and Training

Each of us is unique in the way we experience life, gather information, learn and respond to events. We recognize this at the Centre and we help adult learners to better understand their personality styles and learning styles.

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 Star date: 4th November 2017


Yesterday, Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre (SUCRC) in Eccles took delivery of 800 pairs of socks donated by Calvin Klein, and representatives from around half a dozen organisations made sure they were immediately distributed to the homeless.

Calling on other retailers to donate items, SUCRC manager, Alec McFadden, insisted that Salford City Council open up the empty Lancastrian Hall in Swinton for use by the homeless this winter.

If there are any clothing organisations who wish to help by donating any warm clothing, socks, underwear, jumpers, jackets, hats, gloves, scarves, boots and other cold weather items we would greatly appreciate any assistance to our service users to help them see through the coming winter months. These items could be seconds, end of season lines or just old stock. If you wish to offer a donation any help will be gratefully received. Please contact us either via Facebook or direct on 0161 789 2999 or by clicking the Contact Us link at the top of the page.

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Manchester Piccadilly Gardens 
 9th December @ 5.00pm 

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Our income has been cut by more than 50% since 2016. This event has been organised 
to help us raise funds so that we can continue to help some of 
the most vulnerable members of our society.

This event is supported by Ken Loach, Ricky Tomlinson, Rebecca Long-Bailey MP, 
Salford TUC, Salford OFFA, Gtr Manchester Unite Community Branch 
and Salford City Council, who have also kindly helped us with emergency funding
to temporarily enable us to keep assisting our community and defend our clients’ rights.

Our Prison Project reduces re-offending by over 90%. Preventing vast numbers of crimes, 
as well as saving the tax payer millions of pounds in prison costs. Not to mention 
restoring prisoners to a place in society.

In 2016 our Welfare and Employment Law Teams won £1.5 million for our clients. 
We aim to increase that figure this year but we need funding to do so.
We want to continue to help and support people who don’t have the facilities to do so themselves.

Tickets for the event are available from: www.wegottickets.com or www.salforducrc.co.uk  
If you can’t make it we will give your ticket to someone who can’t afford their own ticket.
Tickets are £20 

For more details please contact the centre on 0161 789 2999

Ken Loach Event News

The first 200 tickets have now been sold with a further 200 ordered. 
There will be tickets on the door with existing ticket holders taking priority.

The event will start at 2pm, slightly earlier than advertised. Ken will choose the earlier film. 
This is to allow for an extra film to be shown for attendees who wish to come early.

From 2pm there will be films, a Q&A session with Ken, a tombola, poetry recitals, 
comedy acts and music, with the bands commencing at 9:30pm. 
The evening will continue until 11:45pm.

Rebecca Long Bailey MP and Angela Rainer MP have both purchased one ticket each 
to be donated to unemployed activists who currently volunteer in the Centre


Comrades hello, this is film of ken loach fundraiser on 23 November 2017. 
Many thanks to Wilf and his student film crew for making this. 
It’s fantastic to have a record of a very successful event Ken and his friends, 
now of course the Centres new friends.

We we raised over £5560 (just waiting for the final ticket sales to come in) for the Centre 
and it was an opportunity for us to tell both the community and the establishment 
about the work we do; helping the ex-offenders, the homeless, the poor, disabled people 
and those in debt. In fact the entire vulnerable community of Salford.
We are very short of funding and the event with Ken Loach and friends including 
Becky Long Bailey MP and Kevan Nelson Unison Regional Secretary was a bold statement,
demanding help with our funding while practically raising money and showcasing 
our vital work. Please watch, circulate and support our work by helping to raise further funds
from Gt Manchester Combined Authority and the Gt Manchester Elected Mayor funding pots.
Peace and solidarity,  Alec
Alec McFadden,  Centre Manager

Angela Rayner

Rebecca Long-Bailey

Lucy Powel

Report from the recent SUCRC Closing the Gap 'Alternative Economic Strategy conference
We are delighted to publish the report from the recent Closing the Gap conference which was held on Friday 29th April 2016 at A J Bell Stadium in Salford.  The report contains the outcomes and objectives from the seven workshops which created alternative strategies on :

•             National  Insurance/Welfare Benefit System

•             Wages and employment regulations

•             Impact of Austerity on children and Young People

•             Austerity and Mental Health

•             Utilities –Public or Private Ownership

•             Local Value Commissioning

•             Credit Unions


It is clear that serious discussion and consultation needs to take place on the ‘alternative’ to Austerity.  To view the report, please click here

Salford Unemployed Resource Centre calls for support of Salford Credit Union to make sure people don’t get tricked by national lenders – and instead get local

We’re backing Greater Manchester Credit Union Awareness Week – to support people living and working in Salford to access local and ethical savings and loans.

This October, Salford Credit Union has joined forces with other credit unions across Greater Manchester to create a new consortium of fair lenders – called SoundPound.

This new partnership is standing together to take on national lenders to show people there is a local and ethical alternative that could save borrowers hundreds of pounds.

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Salford Credit Union

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Welcome to Salford Unemployed & Community Resource Centre

Salford Unemployed and Community Resource Centre was established in 1980, at a time when Britain was blighted with job losses and mass unemployment.

It continues its work today, campaigning, supporting, advising and representing unemployed and employed people. Working with some of the most vulnerable people in society, the Centre is regarded locally as the fourth emergency service.

Using the Centre

SUCRC offers a range of support services for our community, including older people, people with disabilities, unemployed people and workers who are facing difficulties. These include educational facilities, advice & representation for people facing problems in a wide range of fields.

 The Closing The Gap Project assists people with debt management, benefits information, basic literacy, numeracy skills and IT, confidence building, healthy living and CV writing.

We also run Salford Prison Project which supports ex-offenders.

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The Salford Prison Project

The aim of the Project is to support offenders who do not normally receive statutory supervision from the Probation Service but have high rates of reconviction.

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We have been referred to as the "fourth emergency service" in Salford

SUCRC offers practical solutions to the issues local people face, for example through advice on benefits, links to credit unions and informal education sessions including community based workshops on subjects such as CV writing, English as a second language and confidence building.