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About The Salford Prison Project

The aim of the Salford Prison Project is to support offenders who do not normally receive statutory supervision from the Probation Service but have high rates of reconviction.

The Need For The Prison Project In Salford

Recent estimates indicate that the prison population is spiralling out of control, with staggering costs incurred on a daily basis.

In particular, short-term offenders, i.e. those serving sentences of 12 months or less, are reported to be responsible for the majority of crime committed and whilst their offences are largely acquisitive in nature, the level of social harm and misery that they transmit is quite unprecedented.

They are also, overwhelmingly, drawn from some of the poorest areas within Britain such as Salford and report a series of recognised social problems.

In addition, it can be said that they have the highest resettlement needs which until recently have largely been ignored.

Who Is Eligible?

The aim of the Project is to support offenders who show a willingness to engage and are ready to address their offending behaviour.

Eligibility is dependent on referral from statutory bodies based in HM prisons, and in the community, such as the community drug and alcohol team.  

In addition, offenders must:

  1. Be assessed as low / medium risk 
  2. Not have committed a sexual offence 
  3. Not have committed serious violent offences against the person
  4. Not have committed racially aggravated or motivated offences
How Do I Get Involved?

Offenders who have been suitably risk assessed within HMP Manchester and meet this criteria should request a legal visit via Shelter or Achieve based in HMP Manchester.  

Individuals who agree initially to participate in the programme then meet with the project officer to discuss how best the project can meet their needs.

Participation is voluntary on the behalf of the service user as there is no statutory obligation to do so. 

"I came into this project not expecting much but as time has gone on I have got more and more out of it"

Salford Prison Project Participant

What The Participants Say:

I’ve got someone there who can help me out with forms – anything that I need – any problems – I can turn to Steve – where before I couldn’t turn to anybody, I’d just keep it bottled up and cope with it - where now I’m letting it out

Participant M

He’s always there – you know - like’s he’s just said – someone talk to and stuff you don’t know about and things like that

Participant J

I came into this project with my eyes wide open, not expecting much; in fact I didn’t expect anything. But as time has gone on and I have got more and more out of it – when I sit back it doesn’t seem like I’ve done a lot  but I have . Staying out of prison for 6/7/8 months however long it is – big, big achievement for me, not using drugs, sticking to my script is a big, big achievement for me

Participant R

But it is also the case that involvement in the project has given R the confidence to re-establish contact with his daughter and rebuild a relationship with his parents, who he has now moved back in with.

So, they (Salford Prison Project Officers) were there and they were beside me, and got me home. Or else, I’d be at the pub

Participant A

Contact Us For More Information

For more information about the Prison Project please contact our dedicated officer at the centre. Call us on 0161 789 2999 or use the form below:

To speak to a Prison Project Officer, please call us on 0161 789 2999

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